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Earn money on every survey you will take. You can get up to 5 USD for a single survey.

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Learn about JamboSurveys USA paid surveys. Find answers to frequently asked questions.

How can I start?

It is really simple. Just sign up and check your mailbox. You will find survey invitations there.

Do I need to take surveys?

No there is no obligation to take surveys. You can select which surveys are interesting for you and which are not.

Can I opt-out from the panel?

Yes. You can opt-out and cancel your account any time. Just Log in, go to your profile and press Close account button.

How much can I earn on paid surveys?

Your income is directly connected with the number of surveys you are taking. You can make up to 5 USD for a single survey.

How can I withdraw my money?

As you will collect 15 USD you will be able to transfer your money to your PayPal account.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Just go to the Log in page and use Forgot password button.

Do I need to complete panellist profile?

Yes. It is very important. Your profile helps us to select the right surveys for you. Panellists with up to date and complete profiles receive more surveys and more often qualify for the studies.

More questions

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